ALM Record

Elizabethan Lute Ballads
Kenji Sano /Lute and Orpharion

Lute : Martin Haycock 1990
Orpharion* : Stephen Barber 1990

Contents: 21 titles
Price: 2913 JPY
Table of Contents
Go forom my window / John Dowland
Rosa/ John Daniell
The Galliard (Packing toune Galliard)/ Anonymus
The Jigge (Packingtoune Pound)/ Anonymus
Paavne/ Anthony Holborn
The tears of the muses/ Anthony Holborn
Fortune my foe/ John Dowland
Can she excuse / John Dowland
Robin / John Dowland
Mignarda / John Dowland
Greensleeves / Anonymus; Francis Cutting
An Almayne / Thomas Robinson
Lost is my Liberty / Anonymus
Spanish Pavin / Thomas Robinson
Sharp Pavane / Richard Arrison
Watkins Ale / Anonymus
Lady Hunsdon's Puff / John Dowland
Melancholy Galliard / John Dowland
Goodnight and Good Rest / Anonymus
Walsingham / John Dowland
Lachrimae / John Dowland
Recording Date
Recorded on 7-9 December 1999 at Makioka Arts Hall
Director, Recording Engineer, Tape Editor : Yukio Kojima
Commentary : Kenji Sano
Translation : Stephen Gibbs Design : Shuhei Tsuji
Booklet Editor : Chie Kakuwa
ALM Records
2001 Kojima Recording, Inc.

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